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The Ease of Blogging on Vacation

Bloggers know the importance of making regular posts to their WordPress sites. Most experts agree that it takes a minimum of three blog postings per week to be an effective blog writer. Posting at least three articles per week shows that you are a serious professional with expert knowledge in your field that you are willing to share on a regular basis.

Does that mean you can never take a week off (or longer) for vacation again? If you use Blogomator, you can have the best of both worlds – keep your free time plus maintain frequent postings.

There are a couple of ways to use Blogomator to your advantage.

First, you can upload your blog articles before your vacation ever starts. The program allows you to upload articles and schedule exactly when you would like to post them on your WordPress blog.

You could schedule blogs for an entire year or more and your readers would never know you were enjoying time with your family on a cruise!

The other way to fully utilize the Blogomator system is to blog while you are on vacation. You will not need to drag along your laptop or any special equipment!

Because there are no files to download when you use Blogomator, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. So, whether you are vacationing on a beach along the United States coast or seeing all the sites in Paris, you can write your blog from any computer with an Internet connection.

Jaunt into an Internet café and tell your readers about your vacation as it is happening. Your readers will be impressed to know that even on vacation, you make time to stay in contact with them through your blog site.

Blogomator is very unique in that it requires no special files downloaded onto your own computer. That feature makes blogging truly portable for you! Entering a new blog entry is as easy as logging onto and uploading the file.

You can even choose when you want the file to post. Post blogs on your vacation immediately or set them to post at another time. With Blogomator, you will never need to download updates or install plug ins. You will not even have to do any formatting of your article. It is as simple as writing your thoughts and clicking a button. Blogomator does all the rest for you!

If you happen to write more than one blog, that is not a problem. Blogomator allows you to post articles to one or one hundred blogs. And, with each, you control when your articles are posted!

Another added advantage to the Blogomator program is that if you use the services of a ghost writer, the writer may post your articles on your behalf. That will set you free to concentrate on other aspects of developing your business!

There is no need to look at blogging as a chore any more! Blogomator’s easy to use, common sense approach to posting delivers what every blogger wants: a way to make frequent posts without spending hours each week just to maintain a blog! After all, in most cases, a blog is one aspect of public relations for your business. You will be less likely to maintain an effective blog if it takes up too much of your valuable time!

Blogomator not only increases your writing efficiency by making blog posting easier, the fact that no special files or downloads are required makes the program truly carefree. To take advantage of all that Blogomator has to offer, sign up for the program today at

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