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What is a blog?


Whenever I tell someone what I do for a living they inevitably question how I make money through the internet as they believe that blogs are simply personal diaries. This is sometimes the case, however over the last few years blogging has evolved into something more and has become the most popular way of publishing content on the web for teenagers, adults, small businesses and large news sites too.

So what is a blog?

The word blog originated from the term web log, a term which was used for scripts which allowed users to publish data in reverse chronological order i.e. newest entries first, then second newest and so on. When blogging first became popular it was mostly used for personal diaries however over the last few years many large news websites have started publishing content using a blogging script.

This was no doubt in part to how easy it was to start a blog and maintain it. The first blogging scripts were quite limited however over the years the platform has evolved into a complete Content Management System (CMS). Thankfully, starting a blog is incredibly easy, even for those with little or no experience on the net (which is another reason why blogging became mainstream so quickly).

The video below was filmed by Common Craft. It is a few years old however it remains a great introduction to blogging for those who have never heard of the medium before. Enjoy !!

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