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New Ideas By Miss Amel:

I’d love to share with you this great bread recipe that I practically know by heart! I bake it every 2 weeks, and is super healthy.

Nothing is healthier and tastes better than home made bread. This recipe is high in fiber, only 54 calories per serving and tastes absolutely fabulous!

Eat it for breakfast, lunch, or both with healthy toppings such as chicken, low-fat cheese with oven-baked red peppers or hard boiled egg with sprinkles of spring onions. Delish! read more...

Business & Economy Directory is a free human-edited blog directory where you submit the RSS feed of your blog. You can also set up your own micro-directory (blog ranking) and compile a list of your favorite blogs in one place. OnToplist is also a social network that allows you and other bloggers to get in touch and promote your blog by attracting more readers.

After registering, access your dashboard and go to the tab "Add New Blog". Here provide detailed info about your website such as: title, URL of your site, URL of your RSS feed, tags, etc.


BLOGbal is a human edited web directory that helps your website content gain more visibility. All links submitted are listed in categories, free of charge. Having your links featured on the homepage of BLOGbal costs $4.99/year.

On the submission page type the title of your website, the URL and a brief description. Then add your name, email address and specify a category where your website link will be listed. Wait for your link to be approved.


ooBdoo provides webmasters and content providers with an avenue to promote content through RSS. Free of charge, your RSS feeds are placed into the category that best suits your website topic to gain maximum exposure. All pages are regularly updated by polling RSS feeds for fresh content.

Without registration, just type your name, email address, website URL and a brief description to have OoBdoo index your feed. You must also specify if you want your website URL to be a follow / nofollow link and how often your content is updated. Then wait for your RSS feed to be approved.

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